Review: Method & Red Episode 3 – Well Well Well


Original Air Date: June 30, 2004

Hello, readers. Before I get into this episode review, I have to make an announcement. It’s now October and for a while I had planned on doing reviews of some movie soundtracks to horror films such as Bones and Tales From The Hood, as well as maybe some horrorcore rap albums, like from the Gravediggaz or Flatlinerz. I don’t really have a lot of those, so I will make do with what I have. I also want to do a review of the movie, Bones, the one with Snoop Dogg, but I just need to get my hands on it first. Some other ones like Hood of Horror may have to wait. However, this ALSO means that I may have to put my reviews of Method & Red episodes on hold for a bit, or at least do a few at a time. I am not breaking my promise about doing the whole series. I just won’t do it as consistently as I initially planned.

Anyway, onto the review.

This episode was about Method Man’s mom’s 25th anniversary at her job and Meth wants to hold a bigger party than what she got at her place of work, a toll booth. Meth and Red want to get Chaka Khan to sing at the party, which Red promised to do. However, Meth deals with problems of his own and that is Nancy blasting Kenny Loggins’s music in her home. The reason? Because Meth has a grudge against him (More on that later). While trying to set up the party, Method Man and Redman suck up all the power in the neighborhood, as a way to stick it to Nancy. However, Red couldn’t get Chaka Khan to perform, and Nancy managed to suck the power from Method Man and Redman after talking to the electric company. So what is the next thing to do? In order to please Nancy as well, Method Man had to go settle his differences with Kenny Loggins so that he can perform.

This was another episode that stood out to me. I remember it because somehow they got Kenny Loggins and Chaka Khan to appear in this episode, and also the flashback sequences. I crack up at Redman’s afro wig, same with the flashback sequence that explained why Meth has an issue with Loggins: He used to be Kenny’s assistant and he used to push him around, which Meth hated. I also liked how Loggins addressed Method Man by his real name, Clifford Smith. Plus, Beth Littleford did well when Nancy was excited to see Loggins perform at the party. So I actually thought that this was one of the better episodes of the show so far.

Overall, this episode was actually decent and a little less goofy than the previous episode. I still believe that The Article was more over the top because of the birthday party sequence, especially with the appearance of Downtown Clowny Brown and the Super Squad 4. I don’t know when I will do the next episode because of my plans for this month. Until then, thanks for reading.

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