Review: Method & Red Episode 2 – The Article


Original Air Date: June 24, 2004

It has been a bit since I have last updated this, but I promised myself to continue my series of Method & Red episode reviews.

As I had noted in my preview post, the episode that I am about to cover is the top one that I remember over all the others. Although I have some recollection over some others, this one reigns supreme over everything else. Let’s cut right to the chase now.

The episode’s plot in a nutshell is that Method Man and Redman are about to have a meeting with a journalist to see if they are still considered “hood,” while Skyler has a birthday coming up with the Super Squad 4, a parody of Power Rangers, entertaining and wants to the two men to appear. However, the reporter is meeting with them on the same day as the party and the two rappers want to maintain their street image because the reporter had written a piece on 50 Cent and how he lived with his mom.

Of course, Method and Red fake being sick so that they can retain their reputation and not have to appear, only for Skyler to go by and see that they weren’t sick. It’s not that new of plot point as I had seen that in many different sitcoms before.

In fact a lot of elements in this episode are not that new, like the bit with Meth’s mom posing as the maid so keep up his reputation in the journalist’s presence. But what made this episode memorable for me is the finale. It was inevitable that Method and Red would appear at the birthday party, but what cracked me up is how they got into it with the Super Squad 4, who decided to fight the two which resulted in a riot at the party. No, it was not that kind of riot. It made the party more interesting for the guests. Did I mention how there was character named Downtown Clowny Brown in this episode? Well, there was, but he had only made a couple of appearances, one of which was a flashback to show who he was, but by the time he had appeared, he was almost forgotten about. It was sort of funny to see a clown from the hood, though.

One of my primary complaints about the episode was that Method Man and Redman continued to address the journalist by his full name, Keith Debeetham. On the other hand, his last name was like nothing I have ever heard before, so I give that a pass. Plus it’s rather fun to say especially with the addition of his first name.

This episode is still rather funny in some areas in a rather cheesy way. The finale is the funniest sequence by far in this episode. So this remains to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series as a whole.

I will try to get to the third episode soon. Peace!

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