Review: Method & Red Episode 1 – Pilot


Original Air Date: June 16, 2004

As I had stated on my preview piece on this show, which was also a bit of an editorial, I had planned on reviewing episodes of this sitcom. I was lucky to see that I was able to find some episodes online because no DVD exists for this. I don’t need to get into anything about the show because I had already covered that in my preview story. Let’s just get to the episode now.

So the episode starts off with Nancy, the realtor and antagonist of the show, showing a family about a house she is trying to sell. The family is all ready and willing to buy the house, until a lot of cars pull up to a house in the neighborhood for a party, and who would happen to host that party? Why Method Man and Redman, of course! It was enough to drive the family away and Nancy out of a sale.

The whole plot of the episode is that Nancy wants them evicted, and when Method Man and Redman catch wind of that, they want to be accepted in the neighborhood by catering to fellow neighbors. Some of the things that I had noticed is that it plays the cliche stereotype that because they live in a predominantly white neighborhood, they intimidate the neighbors despite them trying to get on their good graces. However, they do reach out to a few who are willing to give them a chance. Redman meets a rather odd individual who needed help with “getting his dad out of the bathtub,” while Meth reaches out to Bill and Skyler, Nancy’s husband and son, respectively. Unlike Nancy, Bill and Skyler take to Meth a lot better and are a lot more accepting of he and Redman living in the neighborhood, especially with Skyler being a fan of the two rappers.

Although I pointed out how the laugh track was an awkward to the show, I have noticed how goofy this show was in hindsight. I mean it’s no different than their movie, “How High,” in terms of tone, although it is less vulgar than that movie. I chuckled here and there with the over-the-top elements of how rich people live, with a TV monitor in various parts of the house like in a refrigerator and in a kitchen drawer.

However, some of the stereotypical humor was a bit much, like how some white people initially thought that Method Man was going to assault them when he wanted to deliver a fruitcake in order to reach out to them. I am not sure if it was a jab at class issues or racial issues, because in one scene Meth tried reaching out to black people in the neighborhood. Aside from that, I just thought it could be much worse.

Looking back on this episode, it really wasn’t terrible. Some parts got a chuckle out of me and I have seen more unfunny stuff than this. Was it good? No, but it certainly was not bad, either.

Stay tuned for my piece on episode 2, which I will do soon.

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